This Thing

by fieldofsky

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This Thing 03:48
This thing they call reality - Name me one thing without a sound . This thing we call reality - Do one thing without a move . This thing we call reality - Listen to one tick without time .
Art of Heart 06:48
"You have got to do what you've got to do". "Who says so" ! "The heart, the Art of you". Have you ever tried to betray the heart, Portray the heart ? On top of the heart sits the mind, In joy or sorrow. The heart, The part, The organ that blows. "Gotta do, what you gotta do". Hither, thither, wither as we wander. Inspiration, I feel, I go, I blunder. I don't much feel like being around with all the darkness and all. But these are the cicles, shapes, spiraling, For better for werse. Old patterns like a curse. Oh yea there's a light alright. "Gotta do what you gotta do". For this is the baggy trousered philosophy. The technology philosophy. Millenium - pre millenium high, Lets wave goodbye, To a billion evils unleashed. What a thousand years ? "Gotta do , what you gotta do". I don't mean that tyhe walls will all come tumbling down, It's just that we're free, To be. What this, World is. To make our hell or heaven, You're free !
Is this Norfolk ? Or is this Memphis Is this Norfolk ? Or is this Zimbabwe/London. Is this Norfolk ? Or is this the Plaiedes . Is this Norfolk ? Or is it a dream . Who fought Norfolk ? With an army and a king . Who bought Norfolk ? With a lorry load of Turkeys . What is Norfolk ? Not quite the sea . What is Norfolk ? Sky as far as the eye can see . What is Norfolk ? Cley windmill next the sea . What is Norfolk ? Twitchers and nature lovers like me . Where is Norfolk ? All around Norwich . Where is Norwich ? Up A 11 . Where is it going ? Into the sea . . . . . . .
Requiem 04:55
Lady Di is dead, and so is the great nanny Lay. Vica versa terra firma, terrestial, terrorism. spectrum, prism, prison, pylon. Nylon, nutron, proton, scorpion. Lemon, blood, heart, seizure, treasure. Quaking timer, loony rhymer. Soothsayer, singing slang, Ylang Ylang. Gang of four and all for one. Time begun is time eternal. Vernal, verdigrie, the sea, Paper, labour, about flavour. Misfit, equip, chipped cup, Cracked pot, nut cracker, News paper, reef knot. Guilty or not. Necter, doctor, actor, glitter. Better, button, bulldog, twelve. R.I.P
Abductee 06:35
Outside in 05:48
I love my God , Then I love my self , Then I love my children , Then I love my lover , Then I love my mother , Then I love my DADA , Then I love my sister , Then I love my blister , Then I love my friends , Then I love my neighbour , Then I love my town , Then I love my country , Then I love my nation , Then I love my World , Then I love the Moon , Then I love the Milky Way , Then I love the universe , Then I love my God .
Human Mile 05:02
Comet 06:33
There's a comet in the sky , So look up . We are richer than beliefe , So wake up . There's a sun in the sky , So look up . Too late tomorrow , Get up and follow , Random creature , Story teller . There are friends in our midst , So keep in touch . With them we are given power , Of the blessed . Blissed be our name , As it is today and maybe tommorrow . What are we being ? Human being . What are we feeling ? Just miraculous .
Nuzz 00:49
I hope not to bring you down but it's true , I've got the infinite blues . Why wake up when we're all gonna die . Why wake up when I know what's behind the sky . Peeling off the layers to the endless core . Hurting when I'm old or smiling in a new skin . I can't say I'm grateful, that I'm bleeding . I've got the infinite blues . A roaring chaos . I hope not to bring you down but it's true , I've got the infinite blues . A roaring chaos . Plural and all folded in . The mind just sits there turning in . For the sake that I can see, just so I can be , Understood by those that understand . I've got the infinite blues . Them there are the ones , thin as snow , Melting in dawn of the future . Puppets in the bloody mortal theatre . I hope not to bring you down but it's true , I've got the infinite blues . Shadows on the clear jelly of my eye , Ring bells and stuff in what I call my . Mind . Powdery memory of summer , And numbers , And lovers , And smells I forget some times . I've got the infinite blues . Time most tragic imposes , The senses . Stacking this and that And then after a proud perusal , I hope . Hope wares the cloak of hopelessness . I've got the infinite blues . Wishes - beautiful wishes , Floating like innocent kisses . To pop and rain on , The thrashing hedge hog .
Nike , Umbro , Rebok , Puma , Adidas , are crap ! Get it in your head repeat after me : Nike Umbro , Reebok , Puma , Adidas , are shits . My boy's sad 'cause I can't afford there shirts . The label - the tower of Babel . I'm not able nor willing to spend a shilling , On there clothes . The men of the cloth . Biz' men on the dole . A doll like Barbie . Proud they are the serpents sucking on my baby . " 'scuse me lady , put that down , and boycott , the thief that robs you . Who loves you ? Well - your baby does . " " Hey ! excuse me lady boycott , The educators of your baby in the cot . " They say she's better , He's better , In a sweater with a tick . " How come you look at me as though I'm sick . Do I have to speak rudely . You’re a primitive native worshipping idols Like Adidas . " Dada , Buy me Adidas . Dada , Buy me Adidas . Dada , Buy me Adidas . Dada , Buy me Adidas . Well I think I'm talking to a brick wall . I mean we all went to a state school . My school was a good one , Cause a failed to catch my BSE grade 1 . The teachers name was JacKoff . Who taught us to take what you want then fuck off . But then this was the 80's . Christmas time is coming then we're all having our tea . We're all taking our places in the factory . Hey cool ! The Power . Get the max ! Competitor . Win ! Help your self . Get fit for life . Angel wears trainers in the urban battle ground .
Evil Eye 04:11
You can’t see me now I’m hidden in the cloud But you can see me when I’m hiding in the crowd, Way down low, Where your digi fingers go, And tries to measures me You CAN see me now I’m hiding in "the cloud" But you CAN see me when I'm hiding in the crowd, Way down low, Where you digi eye goes, And measures me. And her And it…… You can see me now I’m floating in the cloud. And you can see me, when I worship at your church, Way down low, Where everything I am you know, And measures me, And her, And it…….. “Less than one micron long and weighs more than Saturn”. “Infinately long but a very short distance across”.


Recorded at No9 STUDIO on to reel to reel 4Trk tape


released February 5, 1999



all rights reserved



fieldofsky UK

Brian Field.
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